Fundamental Concepts and Principles – Statics Chapter 1

February 13, 2013 in Current Lectures, Statics


Fundamental Concepts and Principles Lecture Notes

Chapter 1

Mechanics deals with the state of rest or motion of bodies under the action of forces.  Mechanics can be divided into three sections: statics, dynamics, and strength of materials.  Statics address the equilibrium of bodies under the action of balanced forces. Dynamics address the motion of bodies under the action of unbalanced forces.  Strength of materials deals with the relationship of external forces applied to bodies. This course deals with the study of Statics. Topics to be covered include; Introduction to Mechanics, The Nature of a Force, Scalar and Vector Quantities, Types of Forces, types of Force Systems, Newton’s Laws, The Principle of Transmissibility, System of Units, Unit conversion, Consistency of Units in an Equation, Rules for Numerical Computations, and A brief Review of Mathematics.

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