Statics ET-224 Syllabus

Statics Syllabus ET-224

Engineering Mechanics

3 Semester Credit Hours


Course Descriptions: An introductory study of statics including: equilibrium, free body diagrams, moments, shear and moment diagrams, and friction.

Prerequisite: ET-129

Text:  Fa-Hwa Cheng; Statics and Strength of Materials; 2nd edition; McGraw-Hill Co.; 1997

Learning Outcomes: As a result of instruction in this course, students will be able to:

Given a statically determinate problem involving known and

Unknown geometry and forces,

1.            Correctly construct the associated free body diagram

2.            Determine all associated force

3.            Determine the geometry.

Course Topics:

Curricular Components



Introduction and course syllabus


Fundamental Concepts and Principles


Review of Composition and Resolution of Forces


Equilibrium and Free-Body Diagrams


Moments and couples


Concurrent and Non-Current Forces Systems


Analysis of Structures (Trusses)



Class/Laboratory Schedule:             Lecture:           3 sessions/week – 50 minutes each

Course contribution in meeting ABET Criterion 5:

This course provides a prerequisite foundation of knowledge necessary for the technical specialties.

Relationship of Course to Program Outcomes:

1-3 Apply mathematical and physics formulae

4-1 Write organized and accurate lab reports

6-2 Demonstrate personal responsibility


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