Problem Solving



  • Use formulas in problem solving
  • Use a systematic approach to problem solving
  • Analyze technical problems using a “problem-solving method”

This is all about formulas, expressing the problem in terms of a general equation and substituting the correct numerical values into the equation at the appropriate places to arrive at an answer that allows conclusions to be drawn about theoretical events.

Most formulas are general forms of specific relationships. “Letters and symbols” define the various properties and relationships. Unfortunately, the meaning of the “variables” is contextual, “V” might represent “volume” or “voltage. The case of the letters (upper or lower) adds additional potential interpretations as do “Greek letters (δ),” subscripts (F1), superscripts (v2) and primed values (v’).

This is a approach for the more general problems.

What is the “Problem Solving Method?”

What are the steps suggested by Evans?


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